Murderous Voices


Murderous Voices


A murderer hanged himself

in a solitary cell



He killed

for reasons unknown.

Anger, ego

madness, power,

or despair.


Who cares?

It is all the same

to them,

the murderous voices.


Whether the killing

occurs through irresistible impulse,

or design,

a murderer thinks

his victim’s life

is not worth a dime.


Whatever sets off the slaying

is irrelevant.

It all has the

the same effect:

A human being ends up dead.


“It’s better that

he killed himself…”

“He deserved to die

for taking a life,


“Saved my tax dollars…”

“Justice at last…

for the victims.”

(More than justice, revenge.)

“They should have

executed him, instead

of sentencing him to life

in a solitary cell,”

the voices say,

as they sit, grinning,

on their high moral chair.


Is there a difference

between a murderer

and the voices rooting for his death?


To me, not really.

It all has

the same effect:

A human being ends up dead.


You see, they are all killers,

the murderer,

and those hailing

the penalty of death.

Only their weapon is not the same.

One used a gun;

the others use

the State.



Content and image Copyright © 2017 Yasmin Tirado-Chiodini. All Rights Reserved. This content is provided under a Creative Commons License.










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