Free Art!


One of the challenges for indie authors is to find illustrations to design their book cover. The same applies to bloggers and web designers. Creating original art can sometimes be out of budget reach for writers who are not artists. And often, authors do not know that they have to license the use of existing images that are subject to copyright protection. Not doing so can become quite an expensive liability.

Fortunately, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has recently made available for digital download (and free use!) over 375,000 images. This art is considered to be in the public domain, and the digitized images can be used without paying a licensing fee. This is because the images are being made available under a Creative Commons Zero (CCo) license, which is the least restrictive type of copyright license.

All the user is required to do is to search the Met’s database under “public domain artwork,” and ensure the images downloaded have the CCo designation.

You can find more about this release here. Enjoy!


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