La Voluntad de Antonio


antonio-s-will-cover-spanish-smallIt has been a while since my last post on this blog, mostly due to my trying to turn 24 hours into 100 and not succeeding. I said once in an interview that you can do it all, but I have come to realize that you just can’t. At least not for free. You can try, but attempting to do this comes at a price.

So I slowed down. I focused more on my health, and I spent more time with my family, especially my daughter, who last fall went off to college. And I dedicated my writing time to completing the Spanish version of my novel Antonio’s Will.

I tend to work in parallel on different projects. I have a respectable number of story ideas. Some are semi-developed. Some are still in chart form. But when I slowed down, the voices in my head, the ones that tell me what to write and how to write–the muse–also slowed down. This silence certainly had to do with my decision to decelerate, but it also came as a result of change.

My only child leaving for college was a bittersweet change in our lives this past year. Our home feels empty without her. “The life of the house” left. It was heart-wrenching to leave her behind at her dorm, even when I knew it was for the better. “They do return,” people tell you. And she has. Although it is not the same as having her home full-time, kissing her good-night, every night, being able to hug her, daily. This change was one I was unprepared for emotionally. The hidden reward has been to witness her growth. I am deeply thankful for “Face Time” and text.

Surely, an empty nest would leave more time for me to write. But then came the election. And, while many of my author friends continued to be quite prolific during this time–they said writing helped dissipate their anxiety–I found myself diverted by my thoughts about the future of our country. About how this election would impact the child I had just left behind in the college dorm. And in the midst of a deep sense of uncertainty and inexplicable loss, surrounded by the divisiveness that our country faced, I sank into polishing the book I was completing.

I published “La Voluntad de Antonio: Una Historia de Sacrificio, Amor, Tragedia e Injusticia,” this past December. It is my first novel in Spanish. I was excited, but I was also somewhat terrified of this project, especially since I had not written literature in Spanish since I was in college–eons ago. The novel is now on Amazon (on e-book and paperback), and the paperback is currently on “Goodreads Giveaway” until April 21, 2017. The version in English is “Antonio’s Will: A Story of Sacrifice, Love, Tragedy and Injustice,” also on Amazon on e-book and paperback.  If you read it, I would love to hear your thoughts.


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