Antonio’s Will: From a loving home to becoming a murderer

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.36.59 AM“Antonio’s father, Manuel Pontón Fernández, was born in Spain and migrated to Puerto Rico in 1870 at the young age of 14, fleeing the deteriorating Spanish economy and fueled by dreams of opportunity. Manuel worked his way up with enormous sacrifice, became one of the most prominent tobacco planters in the island, married and raised a beautiful family. He had “made it,” and he swore that his children would never have to endure the adversities he had suffered.

But Manuel never saw his son’s fate coming. He had not a clue that his son Antonio would become a murderer, and that his life would burn into night and the grave. …” CoverAW

How could a man who had it all become a murderer?

Based on a true story, my novel “Antonio’s Will, A Story of Sacrifice, Love, Tragedy and Injustice” tells how. You can find more information on the Antonio’s Will website and on Amazon, or by clicking on the book’s icon on the right margin.


Copyright © 2015 Yasmin Tirado-Chiodini. All Rights Reserved. This content is provided under a Creative Commons License.


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