On Criminal Minds

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 9.49.29 PMI have been working on Antonio’s Grace, Book 2 of The Antonio’s Will series, which I will be releasing this summer. While Book 1,  Antonio’s Will, is a historical novel telling the story of a young man’s life, crime, and execution in the electric chair in 1916 (embedded within other stories about his family and his culture), Antonio’s Grace is a non-fiction book that goes into the enormous clemency effort to save him from death. It also analyzes the case from a diversity of perspectives, and it goes into subjects such as what makes the criminal mind.

This video by neuroscientist and professor James Fallon is fascinating. In it, he briefly discusses the diverse factors influencing the mind of a criminal. He should know. Aside from being a neuroscientist, he discovered by accident that he has the brain of a psychopath. Not only that, his genetic testing revealed that he has all the components to make him a serial killer. Yet, he has not committed any crimes and does not feel the impulse to do so. Why?

Do you think that criminals are born? Made? Do humans really have free will?


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