Welcome to The Tirado-Chiodini Post!

So … I finally decided to try blogging. My goal for the blog is to make it useful for businesses and entrepreneurs, including authors. Being an attorney, entrepreneur and author myself, I would like to share some of my lessons-learned, articles and thoughts with you, mainly in these particular areas. I may touch on other areas from time to time as interesting topics come up.  I will try to post at least once a week, but I am hoping I can do it more often. I will accept questions and reserve the right to answer them based on workload and the topic asked. If you decide to e-mail me directly, you may, but by emailing me, you authorize me to post our exchanges on the blog, if I see that it can be useful to other readers. If it gets to be too much work to answer emails received, I will post a note to let you all know. One last thing, please know that as an attorney I cannot give “legal advice” on the blog and my posts and articles are not meant to be legal advice. The reader should consult an attorney of their preference for counsel tailored to their situation. Thanks so much for visiting!


About tiradochiodini

I am a attorney, entrepreneur and author blogging about business, law, entrepreneurship, writing, books and other subjects.
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